Thursday, April 26, 2012


I worked 10 hours today. Actually, it was a little over 10, but hey, who's counting?

The Dad was Super Dad, while I was off sewing sequins and tulle. He called the insurance company about the roof, played with the Brawn, attempted yard work (but kept getting rained out), helped the Brain & the Blonde with their school work, and then he made homemade turkey burgers, brussell sprouts and noodles. Which doesn't seem like that big of a deal to some, but when you work hard all day, pull in the draveway, and the wonderful man you married is manning the grill, cooking you up a fresh turkey burger & the Dog races to greet you, life couldn't possibly get any better.

Alas, Kids Clothes Week Challenge is in it's 4th day, and, despite the long day, the sewing machine sat in wait, ready for action. I took my time, stopping to google Route 66 Wigwam Motel and my e-mail, and at long las, I had a completed result.

Reproduction feedsack & 100% cotton

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