Thursday, April 26, 2012


I worked 10 hours today. Actually, it was a little over 10, but hey, who's counting?

The Dad was Super Dad, while I was off sewing sequins and tulle. He called the insurance company about the roof, played with the Brawn, attempted yard work (but kept getting rained out), helped the Brain & the Blonde with their school work, and then he made homemade turkey burgers, brussell sprouts and noodles. Which doesn't seem like that big of a deal to some, but when you work hard all day, pull in the draveway, and the wonderful man you married is manning the grill, cooking you up a fresh turkey burger & the Dog races to greet you, life couldn't possibly get any better.

Alas, Kids Clothes Week Challenge is in it's 4th day, and, despite the long day, the sewing machine sat in wait, ready for action. I took my time, stopping to google Route 66 Wigwam Motel and my e-mail, and at long las, I had a completed result.

Reproduction feedsack & 100% cotton

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Kids Clothes Week Challenge, Day 3

I'm a little shocked with myself.

I did it!

I finished 2 more projects! This brings my completed total to 5, which isn't too shabby for 3 days. Which is especially nice since I work 9am to 7pm tomorrow. Not sure if anything will actually be finished tomorrow, but I will try.

I'm pretty pleased with today's results:

100% cotton

Charcoal wool suiting blend

And now, it's off to bed to dream!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Elsie Marley, You're Killing Me.

Have you ever heard of Kids clothes Week Challenge? It's the brain child of Elsie Marley, sewing blogger extroidenair. The goal is to sew one hour a day, for one week, on clothes for your kids.

Sound easy?

It's not.

I mean, sure, you would think that your kids, husband, dog, cat, job, neighbor, friend, phone & life  would leave you alone for one hour to sew in peace, right?


And, as it stands, this week is Kids Clothes Sewing Challenge, and my week was booked full before I even knew the challenge was to be. It's prom season, which means I work 3 days. The Blonde has dance class on Monday evening. The church is hosting a drama filled presentation for kids Sunday-Wednesday, and the Brain wants to be there. I volunteer in the kitchen at church on Wednesday evenings. The Brawn's fourth birthday is the 29th. There are uniform pants needed back to their owners before May 1st. Oh, and lets just throw in regular old life.

I am, clearly, nuts.

Because, while I didn't get a chance to sew yesterday (day 1), I made up for it today (day 2).

I give you, the results Kids Clothes Weeks Challenge, Days 1 & 2:

made with blue corderoy and Lissett lawn

made with purple tweed

made with JoAnn's clearance fabric

Won't you join us? It's not too late!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

April Has Been Sew Crazy!

Where am I when I'm not blogging? I'll give you a hint:

Did you guess sewing? Sewing machine collecting?

If you guessed both, you're right.

I currently own 17 full & 3/4 size vintage machines, 1 toy machine, and oodles of vintage & antique sewing gadgets. I'd be remiss if I owned that many, but never put them to good use, right?


And this past month, the entire month of April, I have certainly been following thru with the requirements of a good sewing machine owner.

Easter was the first order of business. The Blonde needed a dress, of course, *I* needed a dress (every year I say this, this year, I made it happen), and something for the Brains and the Brawn.

Oliver +s Family Reunion Dress
Vintage Vogue 2960
Actually, my grandmother made the Brawn  his overalls, but I had to alter them to actually fit him. The downside of living over a thousand miles apart. She used a vinatge pattern that she used for my dad, which I think is very cool.

Unfortunately, I ran out of time/ideas for the Brain, but I had scored him these really cute shorts at Gymboree back in January during the Red Balloon sale, and paired with a yellow polo, he looked fantastic. Dog agreed.

The second order of business, the Blonde grew. Taller. So she needed some clothes for spring/summer/fall. I made a few things.
Oliver +s Puppet Show Bloomer Shorts

Oliver +s Family reunion Dress with Vintage Buttons
Oliver +s 2+2 Blouse with Button Detail

Oliver +s 2+2 Blouse
Oliver +s Class Picnic Blouse

Oliver +s School Photo Dress

The third order of business? Me. Mama needed some cute dresses for church and work. And, really, doesn't a fabulous dress make everyone feel amazing?

Both made with Vintage Vogue 8789 and pictured with my crinoline to show off the fullness of the fabulous skirts.


So, there you have it. Well, this and all the wedding and prom at work, but really, this is what you want to see anyway, right?

And now, tomorrow is the start of Kids clothes Week Challenge, so you know what that means. More sewing! Just for kids. Stay tuned for (hopefully) daily updates.