Saturday, January 22, 2011

Operation Sailboat Pants Sew-along

If you know me, you know I like sewing (and sewing machines, but that's another story).  I like to show off the things I sew, often on a chat forum I frequent.  Several other moms saw the Oliver +s Sailboat pants I made, asked what I thought abut the pattern:  Is it hard?  Did it take long?  Does she [the Blonde] like wearing them?  Do you [meaning myself] like them?

Hard?  No.  Pretty basic as far as patterns go.  Liesl, the genius designer behind the adorable and timeless Oliver +s patterns writes every pattern like she's teaching you a class.  Every step is explained with wonderful attention to detail.  No headaches trying to translate a pattern!

Time it took?  I made 2 pairs in an afternoon.  There really aren't a lot of seams, the interfacing is minimal, and the facing finishes the top seams for you. 

the Blonde's thought?  She likes them!  She really, really, really likes her Sailboat pants!

Do I like them?  Yes.  Hands down, the pants are fun.  And cute.  And definately beat a pair of run of the mill jeans. 

I made one pair in denim:

And one pair in yellow duck cloth:

Cuteness alert!
The pants are very comfortable and quite flexable for play.  We though they were perfect for fence climbing!

*please note, I lengthened the pattern from capris to pants and widened the legs a bit for balance, no ankle slits*

I don't remember if I offered or was asked to host a sew-along to make these and help others, but I know I agreed to do one.  So, without further ado, I give you:


Step one:  Buy the pattern.

Oliver +s currently has all their patterns on sale for 20% off for the month of January.  Or you can order from one of my favorite shops, April1930's, who always offers free shipping (and she also sews on a vintage machine like me, and that makes her pretty darn cool in my book)

Step two:  Review the pattern & buy the fabric.

The pattern calls for light-medium weight woven fabrics for the pants.  This means knits probably won't work (& I can tell you, knits & this project would leave you a very unhappy seamstress).  You're also going to need thread, I prefer Guturmann.  Thread can be the same color as your fabric or complimentary & POP! when you top-stitch.  You'll need 4 buttons (5/8" is recommended, but I like BIG buttons and they look good, so you make the call), 1/2 yard of 3/4" wide elastic, and light weight fusable interfacing (JoAnn's has some for 99c a yard, and this is the kind you iron on).

If you want to have a different/contrasting fabric for the lining, more power to you!  Do it!  But if you want to stick to all the same fabrics, that would be okay, too. 

I'm using grey cordoroy for one pair and a light denim for the second pair of pants.  The denim pants will have a vintage hanky used for the lining pieces.  I have big buttons.  Again, big buttons make me happy.

Operation Sailboat Pants Sew-Along Schedule:

Monday, January 24-  Pattern review, pattern tracing (do NOT cut that pattern!  You're going to love the pants so much you'll want to make another pair later, and since kids grow, you're going to need it intact), supply review, and basic sewing tips and terminology.

Tuesday, January 25-  Pinning, cutting, ironing, and interfacing, oh my!

Wednesday, January 26-  We sew.  The front panel to be exact

Thursday, Januaru 27-  Side panels & assembling the front

Friday, January 28-  Assembling the back, sides and insert elastic.  Inseam, too

Monday, January 31-  Hem the pants and finish the side vents

Tuesday, February 1-  Button holes!  Sewing on buttons, too and finishing

Wednesday, February 2-  Show them off!  Add pictures of your project to the Oliver +s Flickr pool!  Post them in your blog!  Share in your favorite chat forum!  And, finally, e-mail them to me, & I will make a blog post with pictures of what everyone made!  (links to your blog included if you want)


See you Monday!


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