Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Inspiration in My Life:

The Brains          -          The Blonde          -          The Brawn

Meet the Brain:  Mr. 'I'm so freaking smart I'm bored' finally underwent an IQ evaluation.  Ummm... yeah...  When the school psychologist uses phrases like "borderline genius" "incredible math skills" "brilliant" and "walking sponge", you know you have your hands full!  The Brain thinks to act (which is probably explains him setting my house on fire last August!)  My brilliant little artist has also completely rengineered the Battle of Gettysburg, complete with visual illustration, to prove just how easily the South could have won.  He's currently designing a rocket to travel to Pluto, enjoys beating adults at chess, and will be joining the gifted program at our school on the 25th of this month.

Meet the Blonde:  She's a beauty queen, diva, and one of the friendlliest little girls I've ever seen.  Everyone loves her and she loves everyone.  She also loves to talk, color pictures, play with her new American Girl doll, Kit, bake, and make people out of mud, sticks and crab apples.  The Blonde loves wearing one of a kind clothing and is always eager for Mommy to make her something new.  She wants to be a police officer when she grows up and "catch the bad guys who steal kids."

Meet the Brawn:  My little 2 year old ball of energy and master of mischief is more than cute, he's STRONG!  Every doctor visit leads to a nurse mentioning how strong he is.  He's a bruiser if I ever saw one.  He enjoys head butting anyone willing to hold still, and frequently, I have to rescue him with a pack of ice.  The Brawn is ever inquisitive, and just a couple days ago, he got his hand stuck in the heat vent in the living room.  Another time he got his foot stuck in a canning jar.  Even better, he put his head thru the hole of his potty seat and got his head stuck!  Life is never boring with my little helper.  He lives to throw things in the trash and compost bowl.  He also loves bananas.


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