Friday, July 22, 2011

What I Wore to Work Today

My twin sister in a previous life, Lacy, has a vintage clothes fetish.  Sort of like my vintage sewing machine fetish.  But wearable.

Back in March, I didn't have the money for an Easter dress.  I had also lost quite of chunk of stubborn weight.  Enter Lacy and her collection.

"Can you fit this?"
It fit.  It better than fit, it hugged.

In fact, it made me feel beautiful, something I needed desperately at that moment in my life and I begged her to let me have it.

We came to an agreement.

1960's pink linen sheath dress with a tatted lace collar & mock snakeskin peep toe pumps in pale pink

I love the shaping details in liu of darts.  It really seems to give the dress a little something more than what you would expect.  I get complimented like crazy everytime I wear it.

A beautiful dress.  I pink puffy heart it.

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